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Séminaires en ligne

26 novembre 2023

Cristiana Sappa (IÉSEG School of Management), Politiques de tarification dans l’exploitation des images du patrimoine culturel

26 janvier 2024

Viviane de Beaufort (ESSEC), Activisme actionnarial ESG et éthique

15 mars 2024

Toshiko Takenaka (Washington University), Atsushi Sato (TMI Associates), Yoshiyuki Inaba (TMI Associates), Patents in the Generative AI Era

The rapid development of AI makes it difficult to distinguish between humans and machines and takes the place of tasks that used to be done by humans. The U.S., EU, and Japan have the same policy of not granting patents or copyrights to inventions made by AI. However, the extent to which human intervention in invention and creation is necessary for human inventorship and authorship is under extensive debate. Also, in the EU, patents are not granted for applications of AI to business activities, but in Japan, such applications can be patented. A French firm may infringe on Japanese patents because Japanese courts may find infringement of extraterritorial activities. This seminar examines inventorship and authorship under U.S. and Japanese laws and the patentability of business methods.

Zoom link to participate here: https://ieseg.zoom.us/j/84796394437

For attending the seminar in presence at IÉSEG School of Management, Paris La Défense premises, kindly contact c.sappa@ieseg.fr by March 13th.

5 avril 2024

Cédric Duchatelle (CARAC), La mutuelle à mission : construire une raison d’être et des objectifs sociétaux

31 mai 2024

Hugues Bouthinon-Dumas (ESSEC), L’organisation juridique de la gouvernance participative des sociétés françaises

28 juin 2024

Aïda Bennini (IAE Caen), Cotation bancaire climatique