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Call for Papers – The World of NFTs Conference

The Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies – University of Malta – and The International Journal of Law in Changing World invite authors to submit their manuscripts on the theme “The World of NFTS” to our conjoint conference to take place in July 2023 in Malta. We welcome papers that discuss the current state of the art and evolution of NTFS around the world, especially in view of their strong market footprint and adoption potential. We welcome contributions addressing the following topics:

  • Smart contracts and NFTS The GLAM sector and NFTS
  • NFTS, Gamification, and the Metaverse
  • NFTS and digital rights. NFTS and identity management
  • NFT-related Dispute Resolution (including ADR/ODR methods)
  • Document service via NFTS
  • Tokenization in the realm of Public Land Registries
  • NFTs and intellectual Property Rights (compliance, infringement, registration etc.)

Abstracts, no longer than 300 words, should be sent to dit@um.edu.mt by February 15, 2023, Manuscripts final versions must be submitted by March 15, 2023.

Applications must indicate whether contribution is an original work or a previously published one, and author availability to participate in the conference in person or online. Papers chosen to participate in the conference will be published in a special issue of The International Journal of Law in Changing World (155N 2764-6068)

For any inquiry, please contact dit@um.edu.mt